Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

Katie Kox , Tommy Gunn in I Have a Wife

Scene Synopsis
Naughty America: Still giving you Xmas treats....Katie is over at Tommy's house, delivering wrapped gifts she says are from his wife. While she's putting presents under Tommy's tree, Katie mentions she's heard that he's got a big heart ... and something else that's big. After trying to resist, Tommy decides he's in the holiday spirit, and gives Katie the gift that keeps on giving orgasms.

Coco Velvett , Justin Magnum in Naughty Office

Scene Synopsis
Coco Velvett just got through playing a set at the local hot spot, but the owner locked her and the door guy in by mistake. Justin calls his boss, but he's banging his pick of the evening and may not be back. Knowing how to kill time, she drops the guitar, he drops his pants, and she starts playing his instrument. Coco knows how to work a stage and work a cock as an encore.

Pop Your Cork: It's A Naughty New Year!

Scene Synopsis
Coco Ono Velvett is one sneaky little neighbor. She's had her eye on a guy next door, and she's finally figured out a way to get him away from his wife. She pulls the "damsel in distress" move, that her sink isn't working properly. When Jack comes over to help her with the situation, he quickly fixes her pipes, and then she grabs his. Being the good husband, he says no, but being a man, Oh-no! Coco gets her way, and his pipe gets in that velvet pussy.